The Mysterious Paulding Light

Every night, strange circular lights of red, green and blue can be seen moving about. The Paulding Light is one of Michigan’s biggest mysteries and is a public spot for everyone to visit. Sometimes the lights seem to follow the power lines nearby. Since the lights were first seen, legends surround the lights. One legend states that the lights are the ghost of a railroad brakeman; others say it is the ghost of a Native American. The National Forrest Service has a sign where the lights can best be viewed. To this day, no one has been able to come up with an explanation for the lights. The light is most likely something natural, but for the time being, it gets filed under the mysteries of Michigan. 

Directions to the Paulding Light

Take State Highway 45 north out of Watersmeet, Michigan. About 5 miles out of Watersmeet, the road will begin a slow bend to the right. Watch for a road on the left side of 45 named ” Robbins Pond Road” which is the old state Highway 45. Turn left on Robbins Pond Road.  Follow the gravel road.

A sign from the U.S. Forest Service has marked the viewing location and legend for years.