The Great Lakes Ghost Ship of Le Griffon 

Written by Mysterious Michigan

Pick up any book on hauntings of the Great Lakes and you’ll be sure to see the story of Le Griffon, Lake Michigan’s first ghost ship. The ghost of Le Griffon has haunted the northern waters of Lake Michigan since its disappearance in 1679. It was one of the first ships of its kind to sail the Great Lakes but her first voyage on August 7, 1679, was doomed to be her last. Some say the ship and her crew had been warned by Native Americans about treacherous waters, but the warnings went ignored and the ship went down in the turbulent waters of a stormy Lake Michigan. Ever since then, her ghost has been seen gliding silently across the waters.

Many places are believed to be the home of the Le Griffon’s final resting place below Lake Michigan. According to maritime historian Frederick Stonehouse’s research, skeletons were found by the light keeper of Manitoulin Island in a cave sometime in the early 1900s. One of the skeletons was very large and it was said that Luke the Dane, captain of the Le Griffon, was a huge man. Is it possible Le Griffon is waiting in her watery grave to be discovered somewhere in that area? Were the skeletons of the cave the doomed crew of Le Griffon? Keep a look out next time you’re in northern Lake Michigan. The ship passing you might not be of this world.