Report a UFO in MichiganWhat happens when you see something in the sky that’s unexplained? Tell it to the experts.

Michigan MUFON

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If you are a Michigan resident and have had a sighting in your lifetime, please feel free to comment below or write if you would like to share your story.

Over the years, I’ve had a few Michiganders share their sightings with me. Here are some of their reports.


September 15, 2015. I like the strange and mysterious. It’s part of my nature and I guess my sign. I love looking up at the stars and at how beautiful they are at night. The planes or jets go by and you can tell what they are by the pulsating lights and the distance that separates them from the stars. I looked up one night and stared at all the stars till two stars began following each other. I knew a helicopter would not be that far up to look like a star and fighter jets wouldn’t follow each other at that distance. Then they vanished.

I am scared to tell anyone else and shockingly, I am occasionally seeing what seems like a regular area they fly in because I have seen another one that I thought was a plane or jet till it vanished! I am not gaining anything from this except that I now know they are real. I come out to look up at clear skies and the stars to see the traffic and it’s weird that I see them as if it’s regular, way up there looking like stars, till they move or just vanish. I am planning to invest in a telescope that could record what I see.


During the 1960’s there was a siting of a UFO that was seen flying over Murphy Park and surrounding homes just above the treetops in Pontiac that eventually landed on the school grounds of Robert Frost Elementary. This was investigated by Project Bluebook and I know for a fact it was seen and followed by the neighborhood children all the way to the school.
In 1968, a bright object made a tight S turn in the night sky with the upper curve engulfing two stars in the night sky near Pontiac, MI during a summer evening fishing (it just appeared, made an S, then disappeared). Later that same year during the fall, after a night of a street dance in Midland, the same formation was seen again going around the same two stars. Since they were more than 50 miles apart, it seemed unlikely to be an aircraft.
While not in Michigan, during the fall of 1977, a bright object appeared over the runway (motionless at approx 100 to 200 ft above it) on Mountain Home AFB, ID. It was investigated and said to be the SR71. Since when does a giant jet hover motionless above the ground for almost a minute? I was asked for my eye witness report of this incident as well as the tower personnel on base at Boise airport, ID. I have had more siting, but these are the ones I remember the best. – Leonard H.

READER REPORT – Sanilac County

8/14/2013 – I live in Sanilac County, not far from Lake Huron and I have seen strange lights very frequently over the past several years. They are very large and far away but always appear at a low enough altitude to be noted as being UNDER cloud cover. They are bright orange in appearance and sometimes intensify and change size. Typically they won’t move, they will stay stationary and slowly fade in and out. Although, on some occasions, I have spied them moving quickly and even disappearing and reappearing in different spots. Most of the time, I’ll see several at once and, on very rare occasions they will interact with one another, forming an array. I have looked at them with binoculars before and they appear to have red, orange, blue and green lights dancing about in a configuration and rapidity, unlike any aircraft I have seen. Another strange thing to note is that they are followed or seemingly pursued by normal aircraft that converge on the area shortly after they disappear. Any insight would be prime! Weather Balloons? Military? – Kurt N.

READER REPORT – Unknown location in Michigan

This is my first, what I believe, was a genuine UFO sighting. It was about four in the morning and I went outside to have a cigarette. A few drags in, I looked up in the sky and saw the bright full moon on the southwestern side of the sky. I looked to the left of the moon, (which would be the southeastern section of the sky) to see a light in the shape of a diamond just as, or nearly, as bright as the moon. We do, however, live right next to a small public airport, but living here all my life, I can distinguish what is an aircraft and what is not. This was certainly not a human aircraft.

I didn’t think much of the light. Plus the sky was just a tad bit cloudy and rather windy, so they were moving pretty fast. The thing that caught my attention was after I took another hit of my cigarette, I looked back up at the light and all of a sudden it streaked towards the moon and disappeared. Now, I made sure that it wasn’t my eyes playing tricks on me and stayed there for another five minutes to verify it just wasn’t hidden by clouds, but it was gone. This was the second strange thing that REALLY caught my attention though. I wish I had my phone on me so I could have taken pictures or recorded it. The date of this sighting was the morning of 6/17/11.