Istumbled across your website while looking for places to go ghost hunting with some friends.  After reading a few of your stories on here, it reminded me of a few of my own.  My family owns a very old home on Saginaw Bay. Since I was very little, I’ve always felt ‘watched’.  That whole area is just eerie to me. My father and I would go canoeing and kayaking through Saginaw Bay, and he would tell me about “Saggy”, which is the Saginaw Bay equivalent of Nessie I suppose. I don’t know if I imagined seeing it after hearing this, but that whole bay is very scary. Strange bumps in the water that I truly know aren’t fish and I’m sure it may have something to do with Lake Huron too. I’m supposing that Lake Huron is where this ‘monster’ is from. I know there’s something out there and after years of kayaking, I know what a bump from waves feels like. Water is scary in general, especially when you can’t see beneath you. That’s my only scary story of the water, but I’m always on the lookout for Saggy!

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