Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is known for its beauty, forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and sometimes…strange and quirky places. If you find yourself at the northern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Allouez Township, you have located one of those quirky and fun places – Prospector’s Paradise. Prospector’s Paradise is a rock and mineral shop that houses all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones for the collector. A literal rock and mineral “Wal-Mart” as their sign says. It’s also home to the mysterious “Keweenaw Vortex”, a place some feel is bursting with natural energy from the planet, possibly because of underground rivers in the vicinity.

The property has become a gathering place for the metaphysically inclined or those “new age types,” as some people say, followed by an eye roll. But Prospector’s Paradise won’t be the ones to discriminate who are drawn to their land or roll their eyes and have welcomed the gathering on their property since 2003.


A brightly colored painting on the side of Prospector’s Paradise features two robed wizards that depict the owner and the resident “backwoods healer, Finnish shaman and forest wizard,” as John Carlisle, a Detroit Free Press writer, describes him in an article he wrote September 25, 2014. The shaman’s name is Richard Hiltunen.

“I’ve always been a dowser so I could feel lots of energy all the time. Every place you go there are different hotspots in the U.P. This is one of the gifts that God gives a human but not everybody. You’ll be very surprised that there ain’t that many,” he told the Detroit Free Press. He also claimed he was able to “heal and see the dead.” He considers himself a guardian of the Keweenaw Vortex. Some claim that the vortex has the power to heal and has done so. Hiltunen claims he has seen people experience spontaneous healings and walk away a changed person.

Curiously, a tree where the river run below has grown into a spiral-like shaped collection of branches covered in knots, making it look like something out of a fairy tale. People stand inside the limbs of the tree and place their hands on the knots and claim to feel the healing energy of the vortex moving through them.

So if this place really does have mystical properties, have you experienced the Keweenaw Vortex? If so, write or comment below.

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