Excerpt from: The Culmination…A Catalyst For Change | by Chad Stuemke

At the same time as our ecology teeters wildly out of control, and our technological advances are being developed in many instances with a lack of consciousness behind them, there appears to be a group or groups of  beings that may have some kind of stake in the outcome of planet Earth’s culminating scenarios. There have been reports of unknown objects in the skies, and many times the beings that seemingly accompany them, from the beginning of written records.

While these experiences have taken place for thousands of years, they have inexplicably begun to increase greatly over the past few, especially those sightings and experiences involving sometimes a few and other times many witnesses.


Chad Stuemke

These have become known as, “mass sightings”.  In the following chapter when referring to these beings and/or their craft, the term “the Visitors” will be used because of the vagueness in regard to both who these beings are and where they come from.  We can and will postulate on both, but a more relevant discussion may be on the implications for us as individuals in respect to what the experiences themselves are conveying.

Thousands of years of written records in conjunction with millions upon millions of claims of personal experiences points overwhelmingly toward the real possibility that there is indeed a phenomenon taking place.  The time has arrived when we need to consciously prepare both ourselves and those around us for the implications of realizing on some level, we are not alone in this universe. With this realization comes the chance and choice to start viewing each other as Earthlings. The culmination of the visitors appearing and the experiences that come along with them may be pointing toward a period of time when human evolution is given the opportunities and choices to integrate our conscious awareness with others, human and non-human alike, replacing our current modality of separation.  As we begin to transcend our previously existing beliefs, it gives one the opportunity to explore new possibilities. As more and more of the experiences with the visitors take place it may be just the nudge we need to push humanity as a whole into a much-needed explorer mode.

Considering that a person’s beliefs and how they perceive the world around them reflect their own personal experiences, perhaps this would be an appropriate juncture to share a few of my own.  My first recollected experience with what was perceived to be an unidentified flying object took place in the fall of 1999. My new bride and I were living in northwestern Michigan in the small town of Petoskey. We were renting a modest two story home which overlooked the gorgeous Petoskey Bay. We had lucked out finding a rental that sat only about a hundred yards off shore with no obstacles to obstruct the view.

One afternoon while watching an approaching storm through the large upstairs windows, I observed something that was unexplainable to me in that moment and I still question it to this day. Traversing the sky from west to east, a shiny silver spherical object zoomed across the sky from horizon to horizon in only a matter of seconds.  I stood there motionless in utter disbelief, staring intensely out the window toward the eastern horizon where the object had disappeared. Airplanes, both commercial and military would fly over the bay on a regular basis making me very aware of how fast they generally traveled and their different appearances, but this without a doubt was no plane or helicopter. It’s worthy of mention that up until this experience, skepticism could have been considered an inherent trait of mine. I was brought up loving science and anything to do with physics and even space – but U.F.O.’s – come on!  I use the word “inherent” because my father, step father, and sister are all science teachers.  With that said, it was at that moment there was a seed planted that continued to sprout and grow for years to come.

There was something about that particular moment when I was unable to explain or even conceive of what had just taken place that made me start to question things in general just a little bit more. Although baffled, I proceeded to do what many have done and tried to put it to the back of my mind by dismissing it as some sort of super advanced military technology or maybe a classified rocket. Yet deep down inside I had always held on to a feeling that this just wasn’t the case. The experience always stayed with me but it wasn’t quite enough personal evidence to completely diminish the skepticism that would take place a few years later with what I like to refer to as the Rainbow Dream.

A string of synchronicities following a best friend’s untimely death lead me into a full fledged investigation concerning the possibility of the existence of both the visitors and their craft.  It didn’t take long after reading and listening to thousands of credible testimonies, plus the interviews I personally conducted, to realize something was taking place. What, that “something” was – I had not yet a clue. If asked at that point what my personal belief was in regard to the phenomenon I would have probably strongly responded that I believed something was taking place. But until something truly shakes your foundations through the form of a personal experience the word “belief” doesn’t contain the same significance. Or does it?

In 2005 I was driving home from a Zecharia Sitchen conference in Chicago when my world changed forever with such an experience. East bound on I-94 I was headed for home in Detroit.  My mind seemed to be at bliss, driving and singing along with Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’, and contemplating how much life had changed in such a short amount of time, and how thankful I truly was. As if out of nowhere, a light mist began to fall from the sky and within a matter of moments, an enormous double rainbow in all of its beauty took form in what appeared to be directly over the highway. What was a good mood only moments ago had now shifted to that of ecstasy and amazement! The rainbow slowly crept along the rural landscape and what appeared to be the “end of the rainbow” emerged on to the freshly wet paved highway. Surely there is a good scientific explanation for what was about to occur next, but the feelings and the emotions the rainbows were about to transmit were beyond imagination to me in that moment. The colors of the rainbows, in all their brilliance, began to refract from the wet concrete and illuminate the entire inside of the car, and even the immediate exterior surroundings. Observing the interior of my truck and myself glistening in the colors of the rainbow, the thought crossed my mind, “Had I lost it?”  Looking around at the congested traffic and the passengers in near-by cars I quickly realized others were having the same experience. It seemed highly unusual that I was now only traveling around 24 to 30 mph in a 70 mph zone, and even stranger no one was passing me. The other drivers must have also been engulfed in the experience.


Suddenly a very strong urge to exit the highway came over me, and I found myself veering off at the next exit. In the rear view mirror I realized there was an unusual amount of traffic exiting also, especially for such a rural area.  Recollection escapes me on where the large line of cars went, but it surely wasn’t in the parking lot that I pulled into. Pulling off the road at the first available safe area I began snapping pictures of the double-decker rainbow in hopes of sharing the experience that evening with my wife. Calling home immediately after the experience, I related to her what an incredible experience it was, and my awe at the beauty just witnessed.  When I got home that evening the rainbow photos among others were a distant thought behind visiting with the family and getting some much-needed sleep.

It was at precisely 3:07 A.M. when I awoke from the most vivid dream in my recollection. Not being a vivid dreamer it was quite startling to me that the dream seemed so real, and the recollection of it seemed more like a memory than a dream. In the dream, a voice came from a being that seemed to be just outside my visual range and although I couldn’t see it, I could feel its presence very intensely. The voice relayed through audible sound and feeling, “Investigate the rainbow”.  I then began floating toward the same double-decker rainbow I had witnessed the previous day. Now floating literally between the two rainbows, another message or transmission struck me. This time I heard no voice but received the clear message directly into my head telling me to check the rainbow photos. Still dreaming, I somehow had the awareness that I needed to remember this info until I awakened, even wondering how I could wake myself up. Just then, an orange-ish, red U.F.O. came flying out of the rainbow headed in my direction and I was instantly shaken to awaken!

“What the *!#! was that?” was my reaction as I sat up abruptly in bed. And as crazy as I know this sounds, just for a moment it seemed as if there was some kind of presence in the room with me. To say this startled me would be an understatement. Up until that point, I remembered very few of my dreams, let alone having intense realistic feelings that accompanied them. Not knowing exactly what to think or how to react, eventually, I rolled out of bed and moseyed across the hall to the computer room and began downloading the past weekends’ pictures.  Sitting there at the computer at around 3:30 in the morning this unusual behavior made me begin to wonder for the second time in 24 hrs if I had lost my mind. I was just about to return to bed when there it was, a familiar image that immediately shook me to the core. The same orange-ish U.F.O. that brought me out of my dream state was captured in the rainbow photo. The object clearly appears just to the upper left of the rainbow and even appears to have some kind of distorted field surrounding it.  And if that wasn’t enough, just to the right of the first craft appears a larger object but more in the form of a shadow, for lack of a better description.

At first, I considered, could this have been an orange leaf caught in a strong gust of wind, but quickly dismissed that possibility considering it was summer time and the leaves in the foreground of the photo were bright green. I also checked the photos before and after to make sure there was nothing on the lens and this also was not the case.  For me personally, I could not explain this one away. The feelings and emotions that had flooded over me the previous day as the rainbow experience was actually unfolding, in conjunction with having a dream so realistic and intense that it literally woke me from a deep slumber and persuaded me to start downloading photos in the middle of the night to “investigate the rainbow” – incomprehensible! Then topping it off finding in the photos the very craft that awoke me from my dream – even more incomprehensible!RainbowUFOPic2
It was that evening in particular, that what little bit of skepticism left in me vanished instantly, disintegrating my prior belief systems. To this day, I still reflect on what the experience was supposed to mean and have a feeling I probably always will. What I can tell you is that the authenticity and realism of the experience was felt through every cell and bone in my body. I’m not willing to step out on a limb and claim this was most definitely an alien ship from Alpha Centauri, but I will say that this experience in some shape or form was a 100% real for me personally, no doubt! As I still question the reasoning behind this experience, I now realize that it was from that moment on both my life and outlook on life have completely changed. I now both view and experience the world in ways previously unimagined.

As for how the craft showed up in the photo without being visually detected in the moment puzzled me greatly.  Researching how this was possible I discovered that since the advent of digital cameras, many pictures have been taken capturing images of craft and other objects that were not detected or visible to the naked eye at the time the photo was snapped. Humans, in general, have very poor eyesight, but with new digital technology, it is possible to capture parts of the light spectrum that’s invisible to the naked eye. We humans can only see a small portion of the light spectrum from the red to the violet wave lengths, leaving anything in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum’s all but invisible to us. But just because we can’t see anything in those spectrum’s it obviously doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. This scenario literally forces us to ask: Is it possible that the visitors and/or their craft have the capabilities of lowering or raising their vibrational frequencies and staying out of sight if so desired?  And if so, can we do the same in preparation for communication?

The realization that we are not alone will surely alter not only our beliefs we have held so dear but also how we perceive ourselves and the universe around us. A sense of wonder and feeling of urgency to seek answers envelope us as we realize that we are either part of an interplanetary, or inter-dimensional society or possibly both. We as humans are now being faced with having to get over our own cultural biases so that we are capable of spreading a message of oneness to the visitors, communicating that we can overcome our species war-like history. The time for secrecy and ridicule is over. Now is the time to stand up, speak out and begin preparations for a new day.