Michigan-soldiers-home-GrandRapidsHauntedWhile waiting for her husband, a woman has a shocking sighting at the old Grand Rapids Veterans Hospital. It’s not surprising this place has a few ghosts, given the 2016 shocking conditions reported about the place.

While at the Grand Rapids Veterans Hospital off Highway 131 in southwest Michigan, I was sitting in our car waiting for my husband. I saw what seemed so normal and so cool at the same time. After a while, I went into the building to see why my husband hadn’t come out yet. The lady at the desk said I’m sorry but he should be out soon.  I said “Oh, that’s OK.  I’m having fun watching the soldier out in the yard marching and doing formations. One was yelling out commands and they would respond.” She looked at me and froze. Silence. Then she said plainly, “We don’t have any soldiers here.” I said, “Yes! You want to see them? Look out your window and you will see them!” She didn’t speak. Finally, she said, “From time to time we have three or four in uniform for flag raising, special events but it’s very rare.” I told her there were about 60 or 70 of them in uniform. They came out of a shed alongside the front yard.

When I went back to the car, there wasn’t a soldier in sight. I sat there wondering, “Hmmm, how could 60 to 70 soldiers fit in that shed?” It was small with no windows. Why would they be in there? I have seen angels and occasionally things from the other side and my info was correct. Being so sure of what I had seen, I went home and got on the computer.  I looked up Haunted VA. Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan and there it was! It said, “Visitors have reported seeing soldiers on the grounds. Could be the spirits of the dead soldiers buried in the cemetery next to the property.”